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Optimization for Holidays is nothing new to retailing. Huge Santa cutouts, gifts and mailers are integral to the holiday marketing plan of every brick and mortar store.

However, in the new millennium online retailers have given a new meaning and a twist to the phrase 'Optimization for Holiday Season'.

Holiday shopping has undergone a dramatic shift and despite all efforts by traditional retailers to boost ‘in store’ Christmas sales, online shopping is growing popular every year. Consumers are ready to shop early and from home in order to avoid long lines in the last days before Christmas.

Retail ecommerce has grown steadily from the year 2000 till date. According to e-marketer it stood at 3.4% of all retail sales.

SEO for Holiday Season

Convenience, rising gas price, better deals and shopping experience are some factors that is driving increase in online purchase in America.

SEO for Christmas

Is your business prepared for the growing online shoppers? Is your eBusiness prepared for the most critical period of the year—the make-or-break holiday months of November and December? E-Marketer predicts that by 2012 Retail e-commerce will grow to more than $200 billion.

Holiday Season Optimization

It has been observed that customers begin "serious" holiday shopping before Thanksgiving; which means you should optimize for Holiday season traffic much earlier. If you have not already made plans to make the most of this years predicted, recording breaking online shopping growth, then it may be too late. Your competitors already have optimization plan for holiday season 2008-2009.

RankUno Holiday Optimization Plan:

RankUno can help you with a search marketing strategy, combining natural optimization for holidays and, targeted pay-per-click campaigns, and Buzz Marketing on Web 2.0 media. We will put together a plan to significantly increase your website’s rank on the search terms in vogue this holiday across major search engines and directories.

Our Holiday optimization strategy includes selecting seasonal keywords to best suit your business, designing custom pages with messaging that resonate with holiday shoppers, leveraging the targeted traffic on the comparison search engines like Yahoo Shopping, Froogle, and increasing your website's buzz with a comprehensive Web 2.0 marketing plan.

For more on how we can help you in developing a comprehensive holiday optimization strategy feel free to contact us for free consulting.

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