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You have a website. What next?

The Internet Business strategy can be a confusing landscape to the inexperienced. It involves deciding the most suitable technology option from the myriad, mapping processes to the web, designing scalable business logic and implementing the code. RankUnoís Internet Business Consulting Team can help put it all into perspective. Our Internet Business Consulting service is designed for clients with their first foray on the web and online businesses that want to take their businesses to the next level.

Internet Business Consulting Service consists of

Online Opportunity Assessment

Using proprietary and public tools and data, we analyze the Search patterns on the web pertinent to your business and provide quantitative results and forecasts of expected results from investments in Internet Marketing. We also analyze your customerís ecommerce expectation and their media habit.

Website Audit

Analysis of the server side and on-page factors. We identify possible road blocks for the search engine crawlers on your web page and suggest crawler baits. We analyze server issues like canonical redirection.

Internet Marketing Plan

Online Opportunity Assessment and Website Audit give us the necessary insight to put together a comprehensive Internet Marketing plan for you. The Internet Marketing Plan details the activities, processes and the timelines to help you achieve your Internet Marketing goals which may be Traffic, Lead or Sales. We build online marketing programs around one simple principle 'Reach Out - Drive Traffic - Generate Recall - Increase Revenue'.

Website Development

Websites that work. Yes! That is what we deliver. We design websites that appeal to your target audience and give you strategic advantage over competition. We design websites that are not merely online brochures but are functional and integrate with other systems you use - your CRM, Accounting, Inventory and Supply Chain.

Online Brand and Reputation Audit

It is important to know how your customers perceive your brand. We check the web space for positive and negative buzz surrounding your brand among customer and target audiences. We also audit competing brands and develop a brand perception and reputation matrix. Brand and Reputation Audit evolves into Branding and Reputation Management strategy.

Web Analytics, ROI and Conversion Tracking Solutions

Our Internet Business Consultants will help you calculate Return on Investment. Our consultants would advise you on the Web Analytics solution most suited to your website; configure it, monitor the data and fine tune the program to maximize every dollar you spend on the online marketing program.

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