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Step 1: Internet Marketing Strategy Development

Step 2: Internet Marketing Plan Setup

Step 3: Internet Marketing Tactics Maintenance

Step 1: Internet Marketing Strategy Development
This is the first and the most critical phase for a successful online marketing campaign. This process typically spans 4-6 weeks. We research and present you with an Internet Marketing Plan that is best suited for your business. This phase will also help identify initiatives, which will produce transformational business results.

Internet Marketing Strategy Development includes:

Identifying and setting the objectives
This is the first phase that lays the foundation for our engagement. We will work with you in understanding and defining your objectives for either improving your existing online marketing initiatives or launching new ones.

Fact-finding and assessment
We move to the 2nd phase of engagement once we mutually conclude that we can work in a win-win situation. We will make a detailed assessment of the pre-requisites for launching an online marketing initiative.

Measurement and Quantification
In this phase we will provide quantitative results and forecasts of expected results from investments in online marketing.

Recommendation and Plans
This is the last activity of Strategy Development. We provide you with a clear pathway to implement Internet Marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Process - Step 2

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