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RankUno's Online Media Buying and Planning service puts your website where your audience frequents. We work with some of the world's most respected content networks media channels. Our programs help advertisers create high-impact, innovative solutions to meet their objectives — be it brand awareness or lead generation. Our Media Buying and Planning service includes:

Pay-for-Inclusion Management

Pay-for-Inclusion engines include websites in their index for a fee. Website review, indexing and listing in the search engines index is guaranteed. Pay-for-Inclusion services speeds up your inclusion. RankUno analyzes your website and, after optimization, submits it to the most relevant categories and directories.

Strategic Placements Service

Strategic Placements help you siphon targeted audience from prime web properties and networks. We represent top-tier content networks, media houses and publishers. Our Online Media Planers will research your target audience’s online media habit and put your website on these high traffic networks enabling you to buy cheaper more targeted traffic.

We manage placements of

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) ads
  • CPM ( Cost Per Million Impressions) ads
  • Banner ads
  • Pop-ups and Pop-under ads
  • In Gamming ads
  • Interstitials (Transition ads)
  • Online Event Sponsorship ads
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