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Online Marketing lets you look beyond the Search and Paid traffic and lower the overall cost of customer acquisition. Our Online Marketing team specializes in designing and managing integrated web promotion programs. Our services include:

Banner Advertising

Strategic and responsible Banner Advertising drives that extra traffic to your site. Banner Advertising helps the dual cause of brand building and sales. We consult clients on Banner Advertising and work on their behalf to buy the best spots at the most attractive rates.


From the initial planning, research and writing, to the design, layout, online publishing and mailing, we can produce Newsletters that catch the attention and boost sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a low risk high return program. Itís a win-win situation for site owners and affiliates. For site owners, it brings qualified traffic thus increasing revenues. For affiliates, it creates an additional channel for revenue. We manage successful affiliate programs on the most valuable affiliate networks on the web.

Email Marketing

Targeted database marketing or Email Marketing is a powerful tool to create recall and run promotions. We manage focused Email Marketing for our clients.

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