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Social Media and Web 2.0 is the present and the future of Internet. Social Media Marketing involves creating visibility and driving traffic from News, Bookmarking, Images, Video, Q & A, Encyclopedia, Social Networking, and designing Viral Widgets to Bait customers.

Social Media Buzz is a measure of how a brand is performing relative to the competitors on the Social Media or Web 2.0 websites. Important buzz sites include:

  1. Digg.com
  2. StumbleUpon.com
  3. Flickr.com
  4. BlogSearch.Google.com
  5. YouTube.com
  6. Answers.Yahoo.com
  7. Wikipedia.org
  8. MySpace.com
  9. LinkedIn.com
  10. NetVibes.com
  11. ProgrammableWeb.com

Here are few direct impacts of Social Media Marketing on your Internet Marketing Program:

  • Improved Rankings for Targeted Keywords
  • Targeted Direct Referrals
  • Branding / Digital Word of Mouth publicity

Our Social Media Marketing team starts by evaluating your target audience and their social neighborhood on the Internet. We then put together a Social Media Marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience and is sensitive to their social group's rules and preferences. We then write content including articles, blog entries, comments and design and distribute viral Widgets to engage your audience.

We monitor the overall Buzz as your audience interacts with your brand and report the Buzz trends. We defend and grow the Buzz related with your Brands and provide ongoing recommendations. We use the Social Media Marketing tools to ensure the Buzz on Social Medium is positive.

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