We create content marketing frameworks that aim for success. Our model’s environment cuts through category complexities, increases conversations with your prospects & establishes a strong bond with customers as they move through the sales funnel. Our content development & roll out plan proactively covers each stage of a buyer’s journey with content based on credibility, viability, accessibility, virality, and longevity.

Our Approach

Our content marketing’s inbound character engages with your audience, builds conversation around your brand, and aligns with your sales funnel. Our well segmented content & distribution system circumvents today’s digital challenges through 3 strong intent-focused pillars – understanding, creating, and distributing.


We recognize that the same content strategy won’t work for every business. Our customized strategy revolves around knowing your customer’s problem areas, needs, and preferences. We created a methodology to understand and process social conversations, search results, media output, and other key inputs to determine critical content topics.

  • Listen: We listen to your customers to create informed content. Before kick starting your content marketing journey, we conduct full scale content assessments and review search results, social listening, industry news, paid program engagement results.
  • Analyze: The data collected based on the assessment is tracked by our team through analytics. With our years of analytical experience, we see how effectively the content process aligns with your business goals
  • Action: We tailor your content strategy based on our understanding and analysis. We make the effort to cover the entire digital ecosystem – the buyer personas and their potential digital journey, our promotional capabilities and limitations, content topics, leading influencers, and thought leaders.


Today’s knowledgeable customers prefer organic content more than ads and their buying decisions are based more on their exact need with non-sales and engaging content influencing these decisions. Creating quality, timely, and relevant content is the core of our service. Our powerhouse creative team of copywriters, content managers, editors, designers, researchers, and SEO experts develop content to initiate conversations and capture the attention of your highly valued customers and prospects.

  • Relevance: Content is good only when it’s relevant, timely, and accessible. We use our content creation engine to monitor the online environment and conversations to turn around appropriate and engaging content. We evolve our content strategy based on user intent, multiple device accessibility, keyword search, and top-of-mind trends to encourage visibility.
  • Development: Every business needs personalized content based on audience preferences, and each piece published online should be unique, attention grabbing, and narrating your brand story. We have a proficient team of experienced storytellers & designers to create optimized content across all digital platforms, including blog posts, e-books, infographics, videos, snippets, social media posts, banners, and other sales enablement collaterals.
  • Deployment: For a better search presence, strong brand awareness, and greater ROI, effective deployment of content is a key to success. Through the combination of various tools & techniques, we aim to publish keyword optimized content for successful SEO and SMO. We ensure that your content gets valuable views, shares, and backlinks that will increase visibility and traffic to your website


Once the content is developed, it is geared to be published across the web. In the age of information overload, identifying and leveraging ideal spaces for your content to be seen by the relevant people is quite challenging. Our well-rounded distribution strategy ensures that your content is heard and seen by the world. Different platforms serve distinct purposes in driving sales leads and with strategic segmentation, we aim to widen the funnel and improve the efficacy of each platform to deliver the best results.

  • Owned content distribution: These channels include web platforms owned by the brand – website, mobile app, social media platforms. These platforms can be leveraged to promote personalized SEO-based brand content such as blogs, white papers, newsletters, social media posts
  • Earned content distribution: This includes using third party channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to accelerate exposure and awareness. Through hyper focused targeting in conjunction with paid and organic search, we propel customer engagement through reposts, reviews, mentions & shares
  • Paid content distribution: We can move our prospects from the path of awareness to conversion by integrating programmatic ad platforms such as PPC, display ads, retargeting, influencers, and social media ads. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of search engine campaigns with a mix of paid promotions and organic content.

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