We enable brands to understand their digital IQ, capabilities & performance against their competition using comprehensive industry metrics. To have valuable & worthy insights, we not only benchmark against your closest competition but also the ones that are most likely to be similar in near future in terms of size & growth.

Our Approach

Our competitive benchmarking offering is an exclusive & structured way of evaluating and identifying the gaps to help you maintain an edge against your competition. We majorly use 2 industry metrics; Strategic & Performance Benchmarking to help you uncover powerful insights against your competition. These assessments cover competition’s digital landscape including brands & category performance, site/app functioning, SEO, PPC and social media engagement & performance.
Strategic Benchmarking

This metric is based on the brand’s market positioning & buyer category viz a viz the competition. Our benchmark solutions show if your brand is aligned with market trends & contemporary customer awareness initiatives. The analysis helps the brand to shift its strategy to stay more relevant improving ROI & brand efficiency.

Performance Benchmarking

Our Performance benchmarking solutions are basically made up of qualitative & quantitative attributes that includes tracking of online KPIs. We put in use focused web tools that can measure the impact of social media performance, SOV, site’s performance on your brand value against your competitors over time.

  1. Quantitative attributes include reach, frequency of posts, paid media: channel split and performance, site engagement, share of voice, social media analysis
  2. Qualitative attributes include content quality & relevance, unique engagement, technology: technical analysis, sentiment analysis, backlink and keyword analysis, trend and seasonality

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