Account-based Marketing has recently witnessed a resurgence especially in the B2B space deriving more conversions, generating more leads and boosting ROI. Our successful ABM solutions & tools prioritize your revenue growth by utilizing the marketing resources more efficiently optimized for target accounts.

Our Approach

The evolving technology & changing landscape allow brands to connect with customers in a more personalized & engaging way. Our ABM approach identifies the right discipline to provide bespoke solutions to drive your visibility and engagement within targeted accounts. Our extensive research, data analysis & ABM tools help our clients create hyper-focused target groups and build integrated ABM programs to reach ideal customer base with the right message at the right time.
Define ICP

Our ABM campaigns focus on identifying & engaging the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by aligning the marketing & sales divide. We analyze firmographic, technographic, geographic & demographic data to define high quality accounts or prospects that can be acquired & nurtured through personalized content, communications & contextual marketing.

Build ABM Campaigns

Once high valued accounts identified, we help to operationalize the marketing and sales teams to design and deliver personalized campaigns through the right channels for maximum impact. We use business intelligence data & modern technology tools to create desired ABM campaigns at a relevant scale with greater efficiency.

Expand & Optimize

Our ABM solutions offer measurable growth for our clients by consistently expanding & optimizing our reach to key decision makers & influencers within the targeted accounts. We optimize ABM campaigns by analyzing its effectiveness across social media platforms, email, ads, web, social events to provide more coherent revenue-based programs.

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