Data & insights are a powerful tool to fuel your flight into the Digital world and give your brand the required boost and visibility. We help you leverage a treasure trove of insights to curate strategies that makes you accomplish your marketing and business goals.

Our Approach

With a pulse on digital exchanges, market trends and consumer behavior, our advanced data and analytics capabilities, assist you in building strategies that are optimized and cohesive. Such targeted marketing strategies will help you make an enviable mark in this hyper connected virtual world.


Reporting and Visual Data

Capturing the story in data; our comprehensive dashboards enable you to spot meaningful trends to shape marketing strategies that create a win-win situation for all – profits, brand engagement and consumer demands.


Customer Segmentation

We help you know more about your customers. Targeting them based on their requirements, purchase cycles and research patterns, allows you to take a more scientific approach towards brand marketing in the digital space.


Quantitative Research

Studying the market, consumer demands, their behavior to take stock of the opportunity at hand and to construct a brand marketing approach that actually works. It comprises of data piles accumulated through polls, surveys related to consumer behaviors, brand affinity and purchase decisions.


Data Management

We at Rank Uno not just help you build data mines but also helps you to manage that data and insights to undertake meaningful business decisions for focussed outcomes.


Qualitative Research

Science, logic and reasoning – our expertise equips you with all the knowledge and tools in the world to make way into the digital marketing world. Gathering details about what’s clicking and what’s not and what amendments need to be incorporated to build and scale your brand.

Case Study

4x Revenue Growth For A Major Lifestyle Brand.

A leading online store in India was looking to expand its revenue base. The platform offers 5000+ Lifestyle products targeting senior citizens. The online store was missing revenue targets and losing market share due to poor visibility.

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