Industry/ Service

Media and Publication

Who We Worked With:

A large business publication that offers informative content and business software and services reviews for small and medium businesses

What The Company Needed:

  • To improve the quality of organic sessions and keyword ranking
  • To minimize any technical roadblocks in the website design, structure, and user experience that can potentially impact organic search engine growth negatively.
  • To training content writers with best practices

How We Helped:

The client believes in providing business owners with accurate, unbiased reviews as a response to the lack of transparency in the financial services space. The product promotions look more organic and native to the content; however, they faced the following challenges

  • The content strategists faced difficulties in finding intent-based keywords to target on the blogs. Due to this, writers struggled to accurately address the searcher’s query for which the blog was to be written.
  • Losing traffic on many important pages from categories.
  • The site audit uncovered multiple technical SEO related issues.

Our Approach:

  • Focus on user intent – Recommended content suggestions that were tightly aligned with the user’s intent throughout the content flow. Identified content gaps during optimization of blogs to provide user-centric information.
  • Increase visibility and click-through rate in the search engine – The blogs were optimized for featured snippets every month and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) were added to the blog.
  • Improve content quality –  Provided recommendations to align content with Google’s guidelines and search algorithm, and E-A-T suggestions for improving the content quality.

New Idea:

  • A common difference analyzed by the SEO team during competitor analysis showed that competitors ranking above the client in SERP had lesser affiliate links on their blog compared to the client’s
  • Conducted a test on a sample set of ‘Review’ and ‘Best’ pages where affiliate links were reduced and analyzed over a period. After a month, the review pages saw an improvement in average ranking. This led to a practice being finalized to strategically reduce the affiliate links on the website.


Y-o-Y increase in overall sessions up by 16%

Optimized pages performance improvement – sessions up by 24.21%

Some Examples:

  • List featured snippet for the high priority keyword – how to add a bank account in QuickBooks
  • Page appeared in featured snippet for High priority keyword ‘ecommerce merchant
  • FAQ added in March 2021 appears in ’People also Ask’ section